booty resistance belt
Being very active and busy with our job or other daily activities, we might neglect our body because of different several reasons like time, space, lack of motivation etc. We felt that, too.
That’s how the need of one quick solution got born. We thought how to turn the “no time” in UVATIME using the space of your own intimacy (at home, at the office, at the hotel etc) or outside (in the park, on the beach etc).
What does UVATIME actually means? Good quality time for you! The time that you dedicate to shape the “only place that you have to live in, your body”.
We are a passionated team focused on your needs talking about feeling happy in your skin and love the way your body stays well sculpted and toned with the booty resistance belt that we provide you. You don’t have to waste time on your way to the gym, we bring the gym to you with UVATIME Booty System.